March 29, 2015

{ #SurveySunday Lets Talk About Food!}

1.     How do you feel about golden oreos? I'm not a fan.
2.     What is your favorite dessert topping? Depends on the desert to be honest. But I like cool whip on almost everything ;)
3.     What is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum? I chew the Trident gum in cinnamon or I get the strawberry. 

4.     Favorite cheese? Colby Jack!
5.     Favorite Lunch Meat? Jeanie-O Hickory Smoked Turkey or Honey Ham.
6.     Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint Chip or Sherbert
7.     Best looking food? I have no idea lol.
8.     Best food to put cheese on? I prefer it on crackers mainly. But I also like it in my eggs.
9.     Best sexual food? Strawberries.
10.   Best tasting drink in the summer? Ice tea mixed with lemonade.
11.   Best tasting drink in winter? I don't know.
12.   Best food for a night out with friends? I have no idea. It's been a long ass time since I had dinner out with a friend.
13.   Best foods to eat with a roll? Chicken & Noodles with mashed potatoes!
14.   Messiest food, in your opinion? Plums. I can't eat one without it getting down the front of me.
15.   Easist food to prepare? Frozen pizza lol
16.   Cheapest food you ever ate? Oh lord. I don't know.
17.   Most expensive food you ever ate? Dave bought me lobster! So good!
18.   Stinkiest food you ever ate? If it stinks why would I put it in my mouth? Gross.
19.   Favorite dipping sauce? Ranch dressing.
20.   Best pizza topping? Taco!
21.   Favorite potato chip flavor? I like the original flavor with some french onion dip.
22.   Most toxic substance you ever ate? Why would I put something toxic in my mouth on purpose?
23.   Most calories you ate in one meal? Oh lord I have no idea. I love a good calorie filled meal though.
24.   Favorite soda? Diet Dr. Pepper
25.   Favorite flavor of juice? Orange.
26.   Favorite Vegetable? Green Beans
27.   Favorite fruit? Strawberries
28.   Worst canned food? Spam.
29.   Best side dish? Mashed potatoes.
30.   Worst fast food restuarant? Burger King. Gag!
31.   Best restaurant? Chili's!
32.   Best smelling food? It all smells good to me most of the time.
33.   Favorite appetizer? Mozzarella sticks.
34.   Favorite cookie flavor? Chocolate chip.
35.   Favorite cake flavor? Vanilla.
36.   Favorite pie flavor? Pumpkin!
37.   Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Rainbow of course!
38.   Ketchup or Mustard? Neither thanks.
39.   Best food to have on a date? Any kind that doesn't make you bloat.
40.   Most share-able food? Pizza!

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