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March 18, 2015

{An IEP Meeting & an ER Visit}

I am so tore up today people. It's just not even funny. As if having all the kids taking turns being sick, along with D, wasn't bad enough now this happens. Ugh. When will I learn that all this crap comes in threes and I should be more careful after telling people that I don't get sick. Smart Kristin. Real smart. Naturally some crazy stuff is gonna happen to you after saying something like that.

Lets start off with Gaiges IEP meeting. It went really well. He's finally at a third grade reading level. He's in fifth so he's still quite a bit behind, but he has made improvements and that's what I'm concerned about. Reading will never be his strongest subject, it just doesn't interest him. I'll take what I can get as far as improvements when it comes to reading at this point.

The subject he's doing best in is math! Which shocks me a little bit because I am not good with math. His teacher was telling me how they are working on multiplication and are about to start working on division, she said he's doing great in there so far. I can't wrap my head around that lol. He clearly did not get this trait from me. His other two favorite subjects are science and social studies, which are also not my favorites lol. For as much as this kid looks and acts like me, he is not the same when it comes to school. Then again, in social studies right now they're learning about the Civil War, so naturally they've got his attention through that.

They did say that because his handwriting is so horrendous (he can't even read what he's written most of the time) they're going to try a text to speech app on the schools iPad. She thinks that might eliminate some of his frustration. I'm sure it will help. And to be honest, I stopped hand writing most things a long time ago. Even when I'm writing a story (which I rarely do anymore) I start by typing it out and going back to change things, not writing it out on paper like I used to (back in the old days..good lord I'm old). They are also going to reccomend he be evaluated for occupational therapy for his hand writing. That will happen some time this year and if it's something they think he should have additional help in, then he'll be getting that help right off the bat next year. Which is good. Any time I can get him started on the right foot is a good thing.

After the meeting I dropped Owens lunch off at his school because he forgot it. I actually stopped at Subway and got him a sandwich and a cookie instead of his lunchable since he is getting tired of them but he's also a picky eater. He won't eat turkey and mayo sandwiches at home though. I don't understand it. Maybe it's the bread. Can you buy Subway bread? Hmm...

This brings me to my oh so fun adventure in the ER today.  I have been to the ER four times in my life (for myself). Once to have each boy, once when got that kidney infection in November, and then now. What was my reason for this visit?

I shattered my ankle! I didn't just fracture it, I shattered it.

I was going to clean up stairs and decided to haul Dawns chair downstairs to get it out to the curb. I was almost down, going super slow, and I missed the bottom to stairs and down I friggin' went! My ankle rolled behind me and it took my breath like nothing ever has before. It hurt so bad. It quickly started to swell and turn purple. D couldn't even touch it. He had to carry me to the car. I thought I was going to pass out it hurt so damn bad. They gave me a shot of morphine to get me through x-ray, then they gave me another shot after. X-rays were painful and they said it was fractured in 3 places, basically shattering the tip of my bone. So not only do I have to be in a cast, I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon (I think) on Tuesday to have surgery on it :(. I'm so scared. I've never had surgery before. I've never broken a bone either. Ugh.

So yeah, super exciting.

So what happened on your hump day?

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