March 5, 2015

{I Want a Love Like Dan and Roseanne}

Do you ever watch a show and think this is so us when watching the characters on screen relationship? This happened to D and I the other day while watching old episodes of Roseanne, episodes I have seen a million times by the way. When all the sudden he says I think we took our relationship cues from Dan and Roseanne. And as I sat there and watched how the character interacted with each other, I saw it too.

We are so not the normal couple. We have been together 12 years (married for 3 of those) and we have always been...comfortable...with each other. I've never been nervous with him or scared to be myself. I've never been afraid of what he thought of me because I was confident that he wouldn't judge me.

We are so playful with each other at times that I'm sure we make other couples uncomfortable lol. I take none of his shit, he takes none of mine, and we work that way. We don't take each other too seriously.

He gets on my nerves sure, sometimes so much so that I want to punch in him his man business upon sight. But I couldn't live without him.

We hit each other playfully, I tell him I'm going to divorce him, he tells me he wishes I would, it's all in good fun. When Cassie was living with us she told me she had never seen a couple behave the way we did and be in love with each other. Haha!

Our relationship and the way we are with one another works well for us. We rarely fight, when we do it's about stupid stuff or misunderstandings. We mainly laugh and have a good time. And that's what I want my kids to take away from our relationship. Are we the perfect couple? No. But are we a loving couple who knows how to play? Yes.

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