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March 15, 2015

{An Upswing Please Let it Last!}

I hope I'm not jinxing myself by telling you all this but Dawn has recently been behaving more normal than I have ever seen her. I'm not sure if its that she has finally learned that when you're not constantly getting in trouble you're allowed to do things you want to or that she got the message when I told her she was having no privileges until she stopped behaving like a spoiled brat. Whatever happened it worked. So far. I'm not getting my hopes up that she will continue thus behavior. But now that I know its possible I know she can make it last longer than just a couple days to get ungrounded. I'll be holding her up to this expectation from now on.

I've given her back some of her privileges but starting tomorrow we are going back on to the Chore Monster system. She broke her tablet so she will have to check off her chores usinng my phone. Which I think might help her with actually doing things instead of just checking things off to get points. To replace her tablet time I've replaced it with Xbox time. She will have to earn it just like she did her tablet time.

We shall see how this plays out since she counts on Owen asking if she can play video games with him to get around being grounded from things like that. It'll be an adjustment for Owen as well.
Fingers crossed that it lasts and she doesn't decide her points aren't adding up fast enough so she stops bothering with them.