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March 27, 2015

{Surgery Update!}

Thought I'd go ahead and attempt to get all this down before I forget everything completely and have to rely on D to give me the facts lol. The whole operation took about 30min I guess. It wasn't as horrible as I expected, though I don't ever want to go through it again. I may never set foot up those stairs again. Ugh.

At about 10am D and I departed the house in route to the OSF Center for Health where my surgeon was performing my ankle surgery. I was nervous. I was also thirsty as hell cause they didn't want me to eat or drink anything for eight hours beforehand. Which wouldn't have been awful on a regular day, but of course when you're told you can't have something, you immediately want it. At least in my case. I did end up taking a sip of water with some Motrin around 4am and then took a pain pill around 830 with another sip. They said this was fine as they didn't want me to be in pain while I was getting ready or on my way over. That would have been torture.

We arrived early. The place was packed with cataract surgery patients. It was nice though. We got all checked in and of course then I had to pee lol. The ladies in the front were really nice and allowed D to help me instead of making it awkward and frankly making me even more nervous by insisting someone else help. He opened the door to the bathroom and there was already a lady in there though, She was nice and said it was fine, she didn't mind she was on her way out anyway so he wheeled me in (I left the crutches in the car for my own comfort cause I'm nervous about using them anywhere but around the house right now) and let do my thing. To be honest I was more comfortable in that stall than I am in my own bathroom. I think it's the hand bars lol.

Anyway- shortly after my bathroom visit we were called back to get me prepped. The nurse that was wheeling me around made me so nervous. It was like she had never done this before and it was freaking me out a little on the inside. She just kept barely missing my foot when she would attempt to miss a door way. I would have really preferred D to help me with anything. I know they want a nurse to do it, but I feel like I would have been a little less freaked out because I know he's not going to drop me. She had me change into a gown and some paper booties, well, one booty for obvious reasons lol.

We sat in the small exam room for about another half an hour I think. They kept asking questions and having me sign different things. I know that's how it's done and they want to make sure they don't kill me, but holy crap. This one nurse (same one that kept narrowly missing my foot) kept asking me the same questions over and over. My phone number, if I had any loose teeth, if I was allergic to anything. She must have asked me for my phone number 5 times. Like really? It's right there. You literally just put it on the last page. I just answered their questions and stuff.

They put oxygen on me and gave me an IV (which I've been through before obviously). They called in the anesthesiologist and got me a blocker is what they called it. It basically numbed my leg from the knee down to help manage the pain tonight. They also said it helped them to not have to give me so much narcotic in there which would help me wake up a little easier. It made my leg numb from the knee down pretty much, like an epidural but just that specific spot and not my entire lower body. Before they did this, they gave me a sedative I think. I wasn't freaking out or anything but I think hey do that with everyone so that they're not nervous about what's happening. I didn't mind it lol. By the time they were done I was basically sleeping on the bed they had me in. I don't really remember too much of what happened next.

D took this as he was leaving the room so they could take me back I think.

I do remember being wheeled to the operating room and switching from my bed to the table. I remember them getting me situated with a warming blanket and lifting up space on the table for my arms to go I think. Then they were putting a mask on me and telling me it was just oxygen. I was honestly so tired from the sedative they gave me that I was falling asleep before they even said "OK You're just going to be falling asleep now", two seconds later I was out for the count lol.

I woke up about an hour later I think in the same recovery room I'd been prepped in. I could hardly keep my eyes open but I was slowly getting there. The pain in my leg wasn't bad but it was kind of there a little bit. They gave me some stuff for it, I don't know what. I didn't care to be honest I was barely coherent enough to process the fact that I was done. About 10-15min later they said D could come back, I asked for him a couple times while I was waking up I remember that much. Then they wheeled me into recovery room number 2.

I do want to say that should you break your ankle, or really have any surgery at I'm betting, be prepared to have the worst taste in your mouth when you wake up. Gag! It was awful! I'm guessing it's from the meds and the knock me out stuff. But woo. Horrible!

I was there for another half hour or so I think and then I wanted to go home. I wanted my clothes on and I wanted to get the hell out of there and be in my own bed. Which is where we went. D stopped at Subway and got us some lunch when we got back into town. He carried me into the house. I was really too shaky to use the crutches. I got in bed and laid there for a good 45min before I could even function enough to eat my sandwich.

I've only taken one pain pill since I got home, and my leg is still numb for the most part. I can feel my toes wiggle if I attempt to move them but as for pain there is none. Watch me say that and then start feeling shit again lol.

I guess that's all the updates there are right now. I've got a post op appointment for the 9th and I'll update again then I'm sure :).

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