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March 20, 2015

{Life On Crutches}

Oh ladies ladies ladies (and possibly some guys). I feel like I'm being held captive in my own home at this point. It has been a long time since I couldn't just power through something to get stuff done around here. In fact, the last time was when I had that kidney infection. I am not one of those people that likes to have people do everything for me. I like to be able to do for myself for the most part. Especially when it comes to doing things that part of the stay at home mom job description.

I'm not saying I'm on top of things all the time. My laundry gets piled up and my house is almost always a mess. Mainly because I get sick of cleaning up after people who are home five minutes and trash it all over again. Sometimes a mom just says enough is enough, the house will be spotless when there aren't kids in it anymore. Though I'm not going to promise you anything ;).

But for the most part I do everything around here on my own. I clean and cook and take care of the kids. I do my laundry and make Dawn do the dishes ;). But in the last few days I haven't be able to do anything. And that is going to drive me crazy! I am fine with my laziness. I'm a great procrastinator. But I like that if I get a wild hair up my ass I can get up and clean the whole house from top to bottom. When I don't have a choice as to what I do and don't do, that's when stuff gets a little hairy around here. I feel as though I might eventually get super cranky. As will D because as much as he understands I can't do most of anything I used to right now, he isn't going to want to wait on me hand and foot the whole time I'm immobile.

That being said, my grandma has been quite a huge help the couple days. Which also makes me feel like crap. She is my grandma. She should not be waiting on me all day. Yesterday while she was here she did most of the laundry that the kids didn't do (I had them clean the house a little because I didn't want her to see it in such a disgusting mess). But I didn't have her get me drinks or anything because I felt bad having her do that. Even though she kept asking if I wanted anything or if I needed anything. She said that she didn't mind but it didn't stop me from feeling like a lazy ass having her get me stuff. I finally got hungry though and let her make me a pizza yesterday. Today she finished said laundry and cleaned the floors. Which were a disaster and get that way in just a couple days if I don't vacuum every day. She made me a turkey sandwich for lunch also.

She also brought me my grandpas shower chair. I was previously sitting on the side of the tub attempting to get clean but it was killing the leg that's not immobile. My shower today was so much easier. I could sit semi comfortably and get clean while not worrying about falling into the tub because my knee was going to give out. I laughed and told her Ivan (my grandpa) was still taking care of me after he was gone, having stuff around I needed.

I'm getting better with the crutches also. Partly because I used to play with some when I was a kid, I know pretty well how to use them. My balance is getting a lot better. I go for my surgery consult (I guess that's what it's called) on the 24th. I'm hoping they schedule it that same day. I want this shit over with as soon as possible. I hate the wait. My sister in law is a surgical nurse though, and she reassured me that the doctors and nurses do this all the time, several a day in fact, and that I shouldn't be worried. She also knows the doctor I'm seeing and she said he's good. Doesn't stop me from being scared as hell though. I've never had surgery before. I've never been put to sleep before. I've never had a broken anything before. Well, except for my toe.

Did you know you break your toes all the time? I'm pretty sure I broke mine last summer when I dropped a can of veggies on them at Aldi while grocery shopping. In flip flops. *Shudders*

Has anyone else had surgery on their ankle? Or surgery period? What was your experience? I am so effing nervous.

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