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March 29, 2015

{ #weightwatchers Check In}

Ugh. Since I can't weigh in for obvious reasons I am not going to post weekly with an update until I can. But I am still on top of my points and I'm still tracking. Probably more closely now that I cant scarf down a cheese burger and then go work it off at the gym the next day.

They did weigh me at the hospital though for my surgery and I'm embarrassed to say I was 208. I'm taking it with a grain of salt though because 1. I was fully clothed with my shoes on and 2. This splint has to be at least 5lb. So I don't know how much I actually weigh. I do know that the last time I weighed in I was 203 though. So maybe I am maintaining? I don't know. Ugh. This sucks.
I'm finding it really hard to eat right with this whole deal happening. D is trying to help but he really pissed me off the other day when he told me I couldnt eat until 6pm because I had just eaten at 2. Like wtf dude?! I'm almost 32yrs old. I know when I'm hungry. So I've pretty much been living off oranges cause that's what the kids can get me. Which isn't good. And I can't make him understand that you're supposed to eat all your points and you're supposed to snack a little during the day on fruit or veggies. Even the occasional junk is OK. Blah. But he doesn't get I guess. Maybe because he can eat whatever he wants, when he wants. I don't know. I've seen him polish off a bag of chips and salsa at midnight and not think twice about it but I asked for a cheese stick the other night and he was getting all pissy about it being 11pm and I shouldn't eat that late. What...?? It pisses me off so bad sometimes I want to throw my damn crutch at him.
And he keeps asking if I want him to get me a diet pill just while I'm on bed rest. What the hell? How many times have I said I don't want to take pills. That I'm going to do this the right way or I'm not doing it at all and he can deal with me being fat forever. Bottom line pills don't work long term. The minute you stop taking them you gain back all the weight you lost because you weren't changing your habits while you were taking them. Ugh!!!
I guess this post turned into a little bit of a bitch session instead of an update. I'm just so damn frustrated!! And him harping on me about what I'm eating does not make me want to lose weight at all. It makes me want to be SINGLE.
That being said, I had McDonalds today. I also had a Hershey bar, pineapple, watermelon, and a orange chicken smart ones meal with organic green beans mixed in. Today was not a healthy day of eating. Wish I could make him see that I have to have eat in order to lose weight. Ugh.