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May 12, 2014

{ #weightwatchers Week 18}

Before I get to my update I'd like to wish all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and any other person raising a child, yours or not..a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I don't usually get too excited about mothers day because my birthday is usually the same day or right after. So I don't get too excited. However this year turned out to be pretty good :)

I had been planning on going shopping to find myself some non granny panties and some pants I can wear to the gym. My sister, Cassie, and Owen ended up going with me. We went to the usual places, target, ulta and the mall.

I didn't find any work out pants at any of those places. I did find the non granny panties though at Victoria's Secret. And I also got myself a couple new wall flower scents from Bath & Body Works.

Then while we were all standing around the buckle waiting for my sister to do her shopping (cause I dont shop there lol), I got a text from D telling me that he put an extra $50 in my account!! I was super excited! And then he text and asked if I wanted my gift from his dad and step mom. I said yes. He added another $100!! I felt so completely spoiled! I ended up going to Ross and getting 2 pairs of work out pants and then to Rue 21 and got another pair. At Gordmans I got the cutest tumbler to take to the gym with me. Its pink and has a cute little fox on it :). I even ended up having some Game Stop credit so I bought Owen a game (that I have to return for the 3rd time because both discs that we ended up with were damaged).

After we dropped my sister back at her car, Cassie and I went to get pedis cause I was badly in need lol. And I stopped off at this local amazing diner and got dinner for everyone :).

On Mothers Day (yesterday) I went to my grandparents house and hung out with the family :). And I ordered my grandma a case for the tablet we bought her for Christmas. It was a good day.

And now I'm home from the gym. I weighed myself this morning like always and I was 194.2. Which was a .4 loss. Which a loss is a loss right? I weighed after I went to the gym and I'm 193.6!!! I can't even believe it!! I am so beyond proud of myself. That means I've lost 14.2lb since January and I've kept it off :)!!!

How was everyone else's mothers day? And how is your weight loss coming if you're on a journey?