July 4, 2015

{Name Changes}

I was always under the impression that when I had babies, they would all be with the same man and we'd all have the same last name, and we'd be one happy family. I was clearly mistaken in my future lol.

Gaige has his sperm donors last name. Against my better judgement of course. I let him talk me into it. "He's the only boy" He said. "I'm the only one to carry on the last name." He said. Right. His brother currently has two boys and he himself had another. So the last name will not die with him *eye roll*. I didn't know he would turn into a man-whore and procreate with another woman. So I went ahead and gave him that last name. Big mistake. Gaiges SD hasn't seen him since he was a little over a year old. He hasn't attempted to see him since 2010 (he took me to court for visitation but never showed for any of the meetings we had set up). I don't even want to get into why. But D and I

 have asked Gaige many times over the years if he'd like D to adopt him. He said no. We were OK with that. When we started talking about getting Owens name change done this summer before he starts school in the fall, Gaige said he'd like to change his last name too. I got a little excited! I wouldn't mind having all 3 kids have my last name. But he said he'd rather change it to my maiden name. At first I said that wasn't going to happen. I don't see the point in that. But then D pointed out that he just wanted something permanent of my grandpa's that no one could take from him and that he could have for the rest of his life. I can understand that. So we are going to attempt to let him do that this summer. The problem is that everything I'm reading online says that if the other parent doesn't agree I can't do it. Now, I don't know if that goes for us because his SD isn't in the picture and hasn't ever been, but I'm sure I'll have to jump through some kind of hoops to get it done. I really wish I would have just given him my last name to begin with.

Owen's last name is my maiden name. D and I were less than together when he was born, D isn't even on his birth certificate. So that needs to be changed. I'm sure it'll be an easy change. He already goes by my last name when I'm mad lol. It'll be nice to finally have it done though, almost 8 years later. I don't know why we've waited so long. We should have done it right after we got back together, why that didn't happen I have no idea. Maybe we just didn't see the point. It wasn't a big deal.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't go crazy during this process.

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