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July 1, 2015

{I have no Content}

When there is absolutely nothing going on in my life worth writing about my blog gets very very quiet. So quiet I can almost hear the crickets start chirping. But I vowed I would never be like some of those more popular blogs out there, reviewing items or getting paid to let others post on my site. I don't want that. Although I would love new readers, I don't want them bad enough to start selling space on my blog to get them. A blog I began because I needed an outlet and because I really wanted to have this space to look back on things that were happening in our lives 10 years down the road. So you'll just have to deal with my lull in posts for now. I had exciting things planned but everything seems to get in the way. We are finally done paying child support for Cassie. Thank the lord! So we have a little extra money to start getting things accomplished around here.

In fact, D started on separating the boys and Dawn's rooms this past weekend. He got half a wall up. We have to knock down some of Dawns wall to start hers so it needed to wait a little bit longer. But we have all the materials to do it now. By the end of summer we should be living in a four bedroom house. Which will come in handy when we go to sell next year or possibly the year after that. I can not wait. I can handle a craptacular neighbor, I can not handle being surrounded by them. It's just not something either of us are willing to put up with. We don't have trashy (drug doers/dealers) in our lives for a reason and we don't need to add them now. We've done pretty good at sheltering our kids from that crap. Ugh. I could bitch all day about the state of this neighborhood. It was not this ridiculous when we moved in. No one should let me near that description paragraph when we go to describe this place lol. We will never get it sold.

We also have to get the motorhome over here. Which is a task all on its own. *Sigh* I just want it in my drive way now.

We also have plans for the yard that had to be put on hold and for the rest of the house. It's been a waiting game for the last 7 months.

I'm really hoping to get a jump start on all of it though for the rest of the summer. We're also planning a trip to St. Louis again this summer. Sometime next month I think. And we're going to Grants Farm. I'm pretty excited about it since I went there as a kid and then again when I was pregnant with Gaige.

So yeah. If all goes to plan things should start to fall into place. Isn't that always something we're waiting for though? For things to fall into place. It feels like the minute one piece of the puzzle fits we have three more center pieces when we need a corner. It's ridiculous.

Hopefully the posts will pick back up soon though. Just stick with me ;)

The 4th of July is the weekend! I've got some exciting things happening then.

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