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November 14, 2009

{Just 1 reason I love him..}

I needed a new camera so bad. But decided it'd be super fun to smash the screen on my kodak, not fabulous. I've been taking pictures with it but just had to guess where I was aiming lol. So I'd been asking D for a new camera for Christmas. 2 days ago he calls me after work and just says, "I'm gonna send you a picture of something and I want you to say yes or no." I was a little confused but said OK. I thought maybe it was another puppy or maybe a 'ring' (dreaming right?). But it was this camera. Awesome right? I'd been telling him I wanted a cheap one I'd seen, but he picked up this one at Aarons when paying for my laptop. I am so happy with it! I haven't gotten a chance to really play around with it yet, I'm hoping to get to more this week and by next weekend take Christmas pictures with it. I did play with it that day a little bit though. Check out those pics!

G and Thumbelina (he was eating a cookie lol)

The drama queen looking super thrilled.

My Lina Beana :)

My future cop.

Aren't the pictures great? I love them! Moving on...

D and I got our first date night in months. Where did we go? What did we do? Well ladies, although I know you'd love juicy details, I gotta keep this blog G Rated and family friend ;-). So, we went to a bar where D had to play pool. It wasn't something I could do every weekend, but it was so horribly better than sitting at home..alone..with kids. So we pawned dropped the kids off with the grandparents! Thank heaven for grandparents! Anyway, we sat there for about 2hrs while he shot and I watched. It was a good time to tell you the truth. I'd never admit it to my mother, but I never really minded sitting at bars. If it weren't for the drunks, I'd have loved it back then too. After the bar we went back home...that's all you're gettin' ;-).

Do you know how much I love leaving Bug with my grandparents coming to pick him up, to walk in the door and him see me, and get all excited about seeing me. That's what happened tonight when I walked in the door to pick him up, he just kept saying, "mama! mama!" (yeah, he's calling me 'mama' now). I love it :).

OK- I'm going now.