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November 19, 2009

{I love my kids}

I don't usually get the kids up for school until around 7:15-20. They have to be on the bus by 7:38 but they prefer to eat breakfast at school (apparently cafeteria food is better than mommy's. Pfft.), I figure they don't need to be up that early if they're not eating breakfast at home. Well this morning I was barely awake enough to push the snooze button for the third time when I hear, "Mommy.." and open my eyes to see G standing beside the bed. At first I thought he wanted in bed with me, but when I finally focused enough to actually comprehend my surroundings, I saw that he was fully dressed (including coat and backpack). He said, "I'm ready to go." I smiled and said, "It's not even time to get up yet bud." So he said he'd make himself some breakfast. I got up with that and got him and the drama queen pop tarts (realy nutritional, I know, sue me). They sat and watched cartoons for the rest of the time. I love how he's old enough to get himself up in the morning now. There's no fighting with him, he just does it. The drama queen has been this way for some time now, usually pretty easy to wake up and quick to get dressed. I'm just really glad G has decided to cooperate in the morning as well. And to tell you the truth, I think them eating breakfast at school has a little to do with it. He doesn't have to be up as early, so he can sleep just a little bit longer, and we all know that every little bit of extra sleep you get helps you cope with the day. At least that's how I see it.

I am so ready to start Christmas shopping! I just can't believe it's only 35 days away. We don't have anything yet! Blame that on D though because we could have been buying for months but didn't. So anyway- we're going this weekend and getting the Wii with the controlers and the accessories. I have to say I'm a little apprehensive about buying it because they (the drama queen and G) aren't big into video games. We got them Leapsters last year for Christmas and they rarely play them this could be because D insists that the adapters charge the Leapster therefore they don't need batteries. Okie. They don't show much interest in the x-box, they would rather play outside. There aren't that many outside toys we can get them though because we got them bikes a few years ago which they still ride, and the neighbor kids tend to steal and break toys around here (apparently their parents never taught them about respecting other peoples property). I just hope this is a gift for the kids and not for D. Ya know? We were also planning on getting the drama queen an MP3 player, but D said we shouldn't get her that now we should just get her a radio. She wouldn't be allowed to take the MP3 player outside or anything (because of the neighbor kids) so it would be pointless. I disagree and even though I wasn't allowed to take my CD player (oh yeah, I'm old school) out of the house unless going somewhere with the family; I still had one. I think she should have one too. Right? G has no clue what he wants for Christmas. I'll probably take him to wal-mart and have him pick stuff out and go back later to buy it lol. He's so hard to shop for these days though. *Sigh* I feel as though it's only gonna get worse too. Bug is getting a work bench :). I can't wait to see him flip out over it!

This is my nephew, B. He's about 4mo. old now. I have never met him. I was on his mothers face book list long enough to snag this picture. Isn't he the cutest?? :)