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May 28, 2014

{Dieting Alone in a Full House}

Since my journey began in January I have noticed many things about dieting.

But the main thing is that being the only one in the house that's attempting to lose weight is probably harder than actually getting the pounds off.

Now I'm not saying that D isn't completely supportive. He is. He has been 100% behind me since day 1. But he doesn't need to lose weight (not in my eyes anyway). So he doesn't need to watch what he eats and that's fine.

The other problem is that my kids are not on diets. They all love fresh fruit and eat pretty good for being kids and still loving their junk lol. But that just means that I'm making things the way they like them and not always the way I should be eating them, ya know? What really sucks is that I still love all the foods they eat. So its that much more of a temptation for me to go over my points or eat something (even just a couple bites) that I know I shouldn't. And I wouldn't if they weren't there eating it. But such is the life of a mom trying to lose weight right?

And then we have Cassie. The girl eats her weight in food every single day, I swear. She comes home and eats and then she rats dinner a couple hours later and then she's in there eating again right before bed. And she is trying to lose weight. Which is not a good thing for me to be around. Its like she justifies it for me and that's no good. So I try really hard to not justify anything. If I'm hungry I eat what I should be eating. If I want a snack, I dont reach for a bag of chips. I go for the fruit I keep stocked in my fridge.

In reality, dieting while living with people who aren't, is setting yourself up for a lot of set backs. Just keep in mind that they aren't you and if you have to talk yourself into eating it, or you know you'll be ashamed when you're done, then don't pick it up. Just walk away. For example; D loves Hardee's. I can't make him stop eating it just because I know I shouldn't eat it. I just set my mind on not having it and that's that. Will power. Do I want to still be struggling next summer? No. So I don't eat that crap when I can help it.

You can do this!