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November 2, 2009

{Just a bunch of blah}

photo credit:  weirdreaction.com

Another evil child has managed to crawl her way onto the small screen. This movie is horribly creepy! I was on the edge of the couch the entire time. It's about this couple that choose to adopt an older child, Esther. But the mother, Kate, quickly becomes suspicious of their new girl as odd things begin to happen around her. It's just...creepy. It's not scary. But definitely creepy. You should just rent it and tell me what you think! It's a guaranteed spooky dream inducing movie. 

I bought a new bra today...Victorias Secret is the best store on earth. Don't pretend like you don't agree. There is no better feeling than buying a bra that actually fits you. And I've been wearing a nursing bra for the last 2yrs. Thank heaven D gave me money to go buy a new one today. *sigh* It's fabulous...and...my boobies shrank lol. Looves it!

I'm sort of in a funk lately. I don't know why. I feel a little bit out of whack. Maybe it's because of what I've recently learned about my dad or maybe it's just the weather mixed with the time change. I don't know. I'm hoping to pull out of it soon though, cause it's depressing to be in a funk.

OK, I think I should go back to watching The Ghost Whisperer. Who doesn't love this show??