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June 2, 2014

{ #TLCVoxBox Influenster Goodies!!}

I got my influenster TLC box today! And it came with some goodies that I can actually use! :)

The first thing I pulled out was the Neo to Go! This comes at a pretty convenient time. I know for a fact that we will end up needing it at some point on vacation. And if I can have something like this in my bag at the park theres no mess and no fuss. As many moms can attest to, quick and painless is the way to doctor any boo boo on the go. So I will stick that in my bag with Owens TMNT bandaids and we will be set :).

The next thing I got was a package of puffs Kleenex. Which will also come in handy lol. I usually make sure to keep some of these in my purse all the time but haven't in a while. Mainly because someone ran off with my stash of them in the cupboard and I just didn't bother to pick up more. But yeah, these are going in my bag as well.

This is something ive never seen before. Its a bar of soap but it says its free of dyes and perfumes. Which might be handy for D because he has ridiculously sensitive skin. It also says it floats. I can't imagine how I'm going to test that out lol.

I'm kind of excited about this! Its a FREE Bryers Gelato! Yum much??

To be completely honest, I don't think I will even bother keeping this. I don't get gas at Shell. There are a few gas stations in my town and the Shell is always more expensive than the other ones. Why would I pay more for gas than I need to? In fact, one of shell stations closed because no one ever went there. So yeah. No thanks.

This last item is a wrinkle and fine lines corrector from Avon! It retails for $30!! Now I'm only 31 so I don't have wrinkles yet. But I will happily try it out and see if it helps with my under eyes :). I will be sure to come back give a review of it once I've used it for a while.

So there we have it, my voxbox this time! Can't wait to try this stuff out!