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November 24, 2009

{I don't get it..}

photo credit: e! online 

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I am a True Blood addict. I've never been a girl who enjoys a vampire movie (with the exception of Interview with a Vampire) and never classified myself as a sci-fi lover (or even a liker to be honest). But when I discovered this show (while searching through on demand for something good to watch) I fell in love. I love the story line the characters and the hotness of the guys (who wouldn't? look at them! *drools* Bill). I think Allen Balls' portrayal of how vampires have always been made out to be like is very good. The show leaves you wanting more with every single episode. I've DVR'd both seasons at this point lol.

And then we have Twilight, I didn't read the books. But I did go ahead and rent the movie to be fair before I said I hated it lol. I sat there through the whole thing thinking, "How are these vampires..vampires?" Through out history vampires have always been night time monsters. Only leaving their coffins at dusk to terrorize the humans and feed off of them.

Edward Cullen and his "family" don't burst into flames in the sunlight, they sparkle. Which confused me completely but figured perhaps it was just something different. Then I realized, "they don't have fangs either!" How the hell are they vampires without fangs?? I don't understand this at all. Not only that, but they're vegetarians. Now, on True Blood the vampires are able to survive after the japenese have invented synthetic blood, what do the Cullens feed off of? In the whole movie, I never saw them feed (until the end when Edward saves Bella). Soo...how are they even still walking around?

Could someone please explain to me how you can be a vampire with no fangs and simply glitter in the sunlight?

Maybe I've just been spoiled True Blood. Or maybe the author of Twilight is crazy. I guess we'll never know for sure will we? If you have the answers to my questions, feel free to comment ;).

D has decided he doesn't want to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. So I'm hoping that we can just send the drama queen off with his grandmother and my grandmother is taking G. Maybe we can go get a little bit of shopping done? I don't know.

I do know that I'm super excited to host Christmas at our place this year though. I'm googling like crazy trying to put together our dinner though. I'm feeding at least 14 people depending on if my mothers fiance brings his small children and if my brother brings his girlfriend. My other brother won't come because of drama (whatever). I really hope I can get everything together, I've never hosted a holiday before. It might be a good tradition to start :).

Which leads me to the menu. I'm making a ham (because people are usually on turkey over load from Thanksgiving anyway) as the main dish. I'm hoping to do at least 3 sides; green bean casserole, cheese potatoes, stuffing, and maybe mac&cheese (because it's something I know the kids will eat without a second thought). I'm going to ask my mother to bring deviled eggs (because she is the best at them) and I'm going to ask my sister to bring a desert. I'm also making a desert though so we have variety, I'm thinking a cake of some kind, but I'm not sure yet.

Can you tell that I'm a total over planner? lol