July 4, 2014

{Road Trippin '14- What's in the Cooler? UPDATED}

Last year when I posted this I was not doing a very good job of planning it out lol. I wanted to have things everyone would eat and for some reason I just didn't pack very healthy things. So this year I'm going to attempt to not pack so much crap. But at the same time bring things that even D will eat lol.

As I made out my shopping list this trip I took into consideration that we'd only be gone one day and that we couldn't take food with us into the park (which I think is stupid but whatever). I also took into account the fact that I'm not trying to gain 10lb on this trip. I'll already have to watch it when we're at the park because we'll eat there at least once.

So I went for fruits for me (and the kids also because they're little fruit eaters). This isn't too much a stretch from our regular list. I always buy strawberries and oranges.. Which is what I'll be bringing this time as well. I'll divide them into smaller baggies and that way they can be floating around in the cooler and the kids can just reach back and get whatever they want.

I'll also be bringing Capri Sun's, Soda (mainly for D), and Kool-aid Bottles. For me I think I'll bring my large 64oz jug and just fill it up with ice water before we leave. That way I have something cold and I'm not drinking crap I shouldn't be.

After D and I went grocery shopping I thought I should update my blog because I didn't get a lot of what I wanted to and got different things instead.

I got..
-Kool aid bottle
-Capri Suns
-2 small bottles of milk
-Strawberries (which are cut up and put into baggies for easy access)
-Cutie oranges
-Danimals yogurt bottles (mainly for Owen the other kids are not fans)
-Lunchables (the regular kind because they were $10/10 at Deals)
-Soda (which haven't been purchased yet because if they're in the house, D & Cassie will drink them all)

I was going to bring stuff for sandwiches but then I decided I had enough stuff and didn't want to bother with it lol.

So there you have it. The updated version of what's going in my cooler.