November 9, 2013

{Sister Shopping Day!!}

I went shopping today with my sister! It was so much fun and so something I needed so bad! We went to Bloomington to Eastland Mall because who wants to deal with Peoria these days? And of course we ended up lost and called our brother. He didn't know where the hell we were (his words lol) and told her to Google it. And we did. And we found it lol.

Our first stop was Ulta where I bought 2 nail polishes of course. I have been looking for a Christmas red for a long time and I think I might have found it in Red My Fortune Cookie by O.P.I. we shall see though. I also picked up Sweet Heart by O.P.I. I've been wanting it for while and since my other 2 colors like it went gloopy on me, I thought I might as well try it. Especially since they were 2 for $14! Yup. Awesome deal right?

After that we made a b-line for Gloria Jeans. Where I bought a cookies and cream chiller that was too much sugar and made me sick :( boooooo! 

Then we went to Victoria's Secret and they didn't have my size in bras on sale so we left. 

I did buy my first wallflower plug ins at Bath & Bodyworks though! They smelled so good and I already plugged the vanilla one in. I might have to go get a couple more plugs and just get a different scent for each room lol. 

Then it was off to a cellphone case kiosk where I found a cute new phone case :) 

We went to a few more random places and to Hobby Lobby where she bought 2 new stockings and I bought the drama queen an ornament. Then we came home. It was a damn good day :)