October 5, 2013

{Upstairs Revamp: part 1}

I have been debating about doing much of anything to the kids rooms because none of them keep their rooms clean. And I don't want to do a bunch of work just for them to ruin it with their kid dirt a week later. But I'm also really tired of walking up there and stepping on random sticky spots and every time I turn around there is a new mystery stain o.O. So I decided to go ahead and at least rip up the carpet and see what's happening under there.

I wasn't expecting anything wonderful after seeing the catastrophe that were my dining room and living room floors. But once we started pulling it back today I was pleasantly surprised. Its not in that bad of shape :).  We will be able to pull it all up, sand it, stain it, and be done.

I'm going to paint her room next weekend. Both rooms are gonna a be so cute when we're done with em.

Here is the before and after with the carpet. The one on the left is before we moved in (during our final walk through) and the one on the right is today after the bed was put back and D had thrown the carpet out the window lol.