October 11, 2013

{Friday Night Randomness}

I feel like a got a lot done today. I don't know that I actually did, and my house certainly doesn't look like I got anything done.

Right after dropping little boy off this morning, D and I went to the DMV (thank goodness this shutdown didn't affect that!). He got the sticker for my car and I renewed my license. 5mo past the time I should have. But whatever. They retook my picture :) I like that. The last one (which was taken April of last year when I changed my name) was hideous. I didn't know they were going to take it again. I figured they'd use the one from old license. This time I was a little more prepared ;).

After that we paid some bills and then had breakfast at this amazing little diner up the road. I can not believe how good the food was. And I foresee us eating there way more.

Dropped D off at home and went to Big Lots where I managed to find everything but I went in for lol. I got Little Boy some body wash, some body lotion that smells like vanilla icing, and baby lotion. The baby lotion is for Little Boy, he has been complaining of itchy skin and I know that when it starts getting cool out I have to load up the lotion or I'm an itching mess the entire cold seasons. I also stopped at Petco and got the dogs some more food (they are eating Merick right now..they're doing amazing on it by the way).

The kids got out early today so I picked up Little Boy and then went to get the older 2 from the house. Sure enough D had locked the door and they couldn't get in. *sigh* I need to get them a key. Drama Queen came shopping with Little Boy and I but G wanted to stay home and watch TV. Such a pre-teen boy.

At Aldi I dropped a can of carrots on my toes and almost dropped an F-Bomb. Someone should be proud of me that I didn't. I was wearing flip flops too. My toes are fine and not broken.

Went to Costco and spent far too much money there. FYI Chocolate covered blueberries = amazing.

At Target I picked up some shampoo for the kids. And I also picked up some more Aussie shampoo/conditioner for myself. I have been using Suave shampoo for the last 2wks (cause it was cheap) and it was killing my hair. My hair has never felt dirtier than when I used that shampoo. It's horrible. When I'd go to straighten it, it just felt waxy. Like I had a bunch of product in it but I didn't. I don't know what the problem was because I've used Suave plenty of times before and it didn't have that affect. But whatever, I also got some Suave coconut exfoliating body wash. It smells awesome.

After that since my foot was hurting. We came home and I made dinner. Thank you to whoever thought it was a good idea to freeze lasagna by the way. Totally bought the party size (Stoufers sp?) at Walmart and it was just what I was craving. D hates lasagna cause his mom made it all the time when he was a kid. But I love it lol. Drama Queen and I are the only ones that ate it at dinner. Their loss.

I got an email from a guy wanting to buy the Avenged Sevenfold ticket we bought the teenager. She hasn't contacted D since the middle of August I think and it kind of pissed D off. When he finally contacted her mom a couple days ago she said the teenager is grounded because of her grades and that she was going to give her until Friday to see if she could get the grade up and then she could go to the concert I guess. But we weren't going to put our weekend on hold for that crap. So I listed the ticket on CL. I am meeting someone tomorrow to sell it :) I was kind of afraid that no one would buy it and then we'd be out the $60somethig that we spent on it.

And now here we are at 9:30pm. All the kids are in bed, I have to wake D up so he can go to work. And then I'm gonna go to bed and pass out. So there you go :)

How's your Friday going?