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April 15, 2012

{Its 2 weeks late!}

My wedding post that is. I've been trying to post it forever but just never seem to finish it. I've also been bouncing back and forth between vlogging it or blogging it. And since every time I start to film a video a kid pops up I decided to go ahead and just blog about it. I'm sorry if it's long. It's not my fault!

Lets start with the awesome cake my mom made. Or should I say cupcakes?

Cute right?!

The top of the middle cake says "K & D" then our wedding date. The 3 cupcakes on the bottom of the middle tier say "It's About Time" lol. I thought it was funny..ya know..since we've been together almost 8yrs :).

Next up are the flowers & center pieces. All we used was (what I showed you all in a previous post) a mason jar, sand, and a tea light. I took something that looked like a grass skirt and tied it in a bow at the mouth of the jar. I think they looked really pretty! And then for the flowers I just went to Hobby Lobby and got Peonies, I can't remember what the white flower is lol, and 2 different kinds of roses. I think they turned out really well. And it probably cost me $40 for all the bouquets.

And then here we have all the girls! I absolutely LOVE this picture!!

And then here's the groomsmen. D looks super nervous...or maybe he was a little drunk already...I don't know lol.

The Memory Table. I thought this was an amazing idea. We both have had family members pass through the years that we would have really liked to be there with us on our day. But this was a great way to honor them. We had D's mom, His grandpa (moms dad), and his aunt & uncle. Then for me we had my great-grandmother & my grandpa. I included the lyrics (just the first verse and the chorus) to If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away- by Justin Moore. I thought it fit the day.

The high light of the event. My nephew & niece coming down the aisle lol. We were going to use a wagon but the little seat we were going to have her sit in didn't fit into it. So we had to improvise lol.

I swear I was not nervous and didn't have a single Bridezilla moment until around noon the day of. And then I just wanted to smack someone. *sigh* As I heard people enter our space and the hall start to fill up I got more nervous. Not about getting married because I'd been waiting on this day since I met D (awww ). But because I did not want to stand up in front of all those people. If you know me, then you know that I am not one of those girls that wants attention on her...for any reason. I just wanted it to all be over. And I guess that showed on my face because everyone commented on the fact that they didn't think I was going to make it down the stairs or down the aisle. Even my dad, who walked me down the aisle, asked me if I was gonna be OK. I'm good people. I got this! (---my motto for the day) And yes, those are my toes you see. I bought REALLY cute shoes to wear but then I couldn't get down the stairs in them at the rehearsal, so I nixed them.

While you are all focused on this amazing pictures of my dad & I, take a gander at his hand there. Do you see what it says. That's right, it says SUCKER. LOL Apparently my grandpa wrote that on his hand when my dad married my mom. Dad thought it was only appropriate to do the same I guess lol.

As I approached the "alter" (because it was really a stage), D asked "where's the preacher??" I said, "I don't know! You were supposed to get him!" Our friend J stepped forward and said he'd do it lol. That was the plan all along. For him to marry us.

We are married!! 8 years later!! Woohoo! I was so excited but at the same time I was so ready to get the hell out of there that I forgot to grab my bouquet from my sister lol.

There are tons of pictures. But let me just tell you that we had an awesome time and I'm so glad it's over and we're married and everything went off without a hitch! :) I leave you with my favorite pic.

And a GREAT big THANK YOU to D's aunt Karen who took all the pictures!! I love them all!