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May 8, 2015

{Im Free!!!}

Good lord I hope I never have to go through something like that again. The worst part was not being able to get done what I knew needed done at home. I hated it! Ugh.

Yesterday I had my cast taken off. It was an interesting experience. Not painful, just interesting. We brought Owen with us cause my appointment was right around the time he would need to he picked up. He was pretty excited he was gonna get to get out of school early but the other kids weren't lol.

They took more xrays to make sure I was healed. They had me stand on this box in front of the machine and it scared the crap out of me. I had to put weight on it, which didn't hurt it just scared me after not being able to put any weight on it since March (the beginning of March). Everything looked good the though! The doctor said that you can't even tell where it was broken! Woohoo!

He gave me an ankle boot to wear and told me that he would send a scrip to the physical therapist. I'm not too excited about that but whatever. I'm not sure I need it. It'll be a week or so before they call to make an appt anyway so I'll see then if I think I need it. The boot has to stay on for another few weeks, but I can take it off to sleep and shower.

I will tell you this though ladies, it was a hairy damn situation in that cast! I was so glad I have blonde hair in that moment cause it would have been even worse if I didn't lol. Luckily you couldn't really tell that I was furry lol. Well, not in a picture or the video D took. But I could tell lol.

I was so glad to get home and get in the tub! I spent probably an hour scrubbing off all the skin that was on there. *gag* Basically from the knee down was just flakey skin. It was so effing gross! My sister and I are going to go get pedicures today though to help with my feet being yucky. I got most of the nasty skin off anyway so they shouldn't be too grossed out lol.

Walking in the boot is not horrible. To be honest there's no real pain. Its uncomfortable but not painful. It feels like tiny pin pricks when I put weight on it. And I'm still using the crutches until I can comfortably put weight on it without being scared I'll fall over.

But in all, my broken ankle is healed and I'm good to get back to life as I knew it before :). I can even drive! My little car has missed me I am sure ;)