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May 28, 2015

{ #ThrowBackThursday Vacation Edition}

I love looking through old pictures! I love remembering all the things that went on when I was a kid (most of them anyway). It's nice to know that even though some of the people in the pictures are gone, I've still got them in my memories. Which isn't as good, but it's better than nothing. So this Throw Back Thursday I went through some vacation pictures and found some I'd like to share with you!

(L-R: PawPaw, Grandma, Mickey, Miranda, Caleb, Dustin, Me, & my great grandma)

Up first is our Mickey picture! On this particular vacation we had traveled to California for my cousins Marine graduation. My grandparents decided to make it memorable in any way they could. They took us to the Grand Canyon, Disney, and Planet Holly Wood for lunch. It was so much fun! We traveled by van this time, for reasons unknown, I think the motorhome needed things done that my grandpa couldn't get to before we left? I don't know. But it was an amazing trip! One I will not soon forget and one I hope to somewhat recreate with my kids.

Me & My sister Miranda

This was on a trip to Canada! Yeah, I've been out of the country twice. I remember the things we did there more than the drive to and from. This was obviously taken in a van. Check out the glasses...oh my god. They were pink on bottom and blue on top. Why? Because my grandma thought it gave me "color" and looked like I had make-up on lol. And that hat. What the hell was I thinking? Oh right. Anything to cover up that mop of frizzy curly hair that had just popped up over night. *sigh* It was a good time though!

(T-B: D, My sister, & my brother)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm even really related to those people lol. Here they are though. This was taken in a cabin during our trip to Georia in '04. My brother (the other one not pictured here) graduated from the Army and we all packed up and traveled to see him! Clearly there was not much to do there lol. Side note: We were not supposed to have Lina (my chihuahua) in the cabin. We could take her on base with us though. So I didn't quite understand that at all.

This is from our trip to Iowa in '10 with D's grandma & aunt. We stayed in a hotel connected to a casino. I am not a gambler and I ended up sitting in the room with the kids pretty much the whole first day. Finally we ended up venturing out to a children's museum and to the Putnam Museum. The children's museum was slightly amazing. Both of the boys had a blast there! Dawn and Tristen wanted to stay at the hotel with grandma and swim. I really would love to go back now! :)

So there you have it. Some throw back pictures from just a few of our adventures! :)
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