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May 27, 2015

{Update on the Broken Ankle}

It has been a long road since March. I've been in pain, scared, cut open, gotten hardware, and been immobile. I've come to appreciate being able to do anything for myself. Not to mention get out of the house whenever I want. But we are finally coming to an end of the journey to recovery.

I have another week in the boot officially, but as yesterday I'm only wearing it when I leave the house. Not quite comfortable enough with my muscles to take it off outside. But I am excited to finally do that.

I'm in pretty much no pain now. It gets sore if I'm on it for longer than I should have been. But for the most part nothing I need a Tylenol for.

I've started driving also! Which is my favorite part! I've missed being able to leave the house whenever I want. And its annoying to have to wait for someone to be ready to take you somewhere. Especially when you feel ready to do it yourself.

I decided not to go ahead with physical therapy. I just don't feel its needed and my mobility is pretty good. I've really pushed myself to get back to normal. I don't like depending on someone else to do the things I should be doing. That I've been doing for 12yrs.

I think that's the extent of my update. I'm on the right track for getting out of the boot and back to my life! Maybe I'll even be able to get on the bike soon! Woohoo!