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February 27, 2015

{Sister Time}

I cherish the times I get to spend with my little sister. Mainly because we are both moms and have lives and don't get much time to get together. So when we can make that time, its good :).
Today we went to the mall, Target, Ulta, and Farm & Fleet. The usual stops.

We met at Ross and walked around there. Purchased nothing because I couldn't find a wallet :(. I need a new one. OK. Need is not the correct word. I want another one, because I have an addiction to bags and wallets lol. I picked up a cute pink and white Steve Madden one (love SM!) but put it down and didn't buy it. I don't like to commit to things I'm not positive I love.

Our next stop was to the mall. We of course got their early. Story of my life. Of course it was also -1* out today (so sick of winter by the way!). We walked around the mall for about half an hour before the shops opened and then we were off!

We stopped by Victoria's Secret first. I wanted to get the weekend bag they were offering right now and who doesn't want to have a little shopping spree at Victoria's Secret right? So I picked up some five new pairs of panties (5 for $27) and then I got a new bra, which is something I always need. I am a large boob girl. I have always been a large boob girl. I am not loving it at all but whatever. Until I can get D to pay for a breast reduction I'm stuck with these bitches. I picked up a Body by Victoria Demi. I find that it gives me the lift and squeeze I need with huge knockers. I ended up with the bag too! Woot! I'm going to use it this summer when we go on vacation.

Next up was Bath & Body Works and what a horrible day for my monies to be in that store lol. They were having an amazing sale, but I was a good girl (especially after spending all that money at VS) and walked away with 1 new wallflower scent (sweet caramel comfort), 1 scentportable refill (watermelon lemonade), and a scentportable holder. I'm excited to get that in my car! With two teenagers it doesn't always smell super yummy lol. 

Off to Sephora where I purchased some Soap & Glory lip balm and some Rose Salve for my evil dry skin on my eye lid. I usually get it at B&BW but I forgot and it was sitting by the register. Speaking of the register, there was their most recent sample bag sitting there also. I got one the last time I was there and it was super cute! So I wanted this one too lol. All you had to do was apply for a JC Penny card and you'd get it. So I did. And to my astonishment, I was friggin' approved!! I couldn't believe it. I did not expect that at all. D laughed lol. I'm not one to apply for a bunch of credit cards cause I don't usually get approved for them, but yeah. I probably won't use it until maybe the kids school clothes or possibly Christmas. That's it. Or maybe I'll go to Sephora..lol. Oh this thing could get me in trouble fast.

In the sample bag was a few goodies! I got samples of Hope in a Jar, a mens cologne (which I gave to Gaige), a Gucci perfume sample (which I'll probably give to my sister or my grandma cause I don't wear perfume), and a mini sample of They're Real Push Up Liner. The bag was cute too. I don't have a picture of it though lol. 

After that we ended up Ulta across the street from the mall! I love me some Ulta I think all of you know that already! I picked up some Bubble Bath by OPI right off the bat. I've been wanting to do a light pink for a couple weeks and mine just aren't cutting it :(. Then of course we headed to the clearance section and found brushes! I am just now growing my brush collection so I got excited. I ended up scoring two Japonesque brushes! The blush brush and the crease brush! They are both so soft! I can't wait to use them the next time I bother to put on makeup lol. The best part is that both of them were pushing $30 each and I got them for about $7 each!! Score!

I also picked up some Yes to Cucumber makeup wipes. I love these things. They get my makeup off and don't leave my face red or feeling sad :(. I've tried the blueberry ones but they left my face red and blotchy. I guess I was allergic to something in them.

We also went to Target and I got Owen some TruMoo and myself some orange chicken Smart Ones. I love those!! I am addicted. What?

We stopped last at Farm & Fleet and I ended up snagging Gaige some jeans! The kid is growing at a rapid rate and I am not excited about it. But the jeans I am excited about! They were $20 marked down to $10! Can't beat half price right?

So there you have it. My Friday. Oh! I forgot to mention, Dawn is sick now. She came home after throwing up in the nurses trash can at school and slept. She's still sleeping actually. But Owen is feeling much better. I guess this is just something that's going to have to go through everyone.