February 21, 2015

{New Bed = No Sleep}

Before D and I moved into this house we had a pillow top California King size bed. It was amazing. We both loved that bed. It was comfortable, we could sleep close if we wanted to or we could have our own space if we wanted to also. It was tall too, which I loved! So tall that when Owen was little I put a chest at the foot of the bed so that he could climb up and down on his own. It was amazing. When we bought this house we knew that the bedroom was going to be a problem. It's half the size of the bedroom in the trailer (which we believe used to be two rooms cause it was massive for a trailer) and D had purchased large furniture (a dresser with mirror on the top and a chest of drawers) when we weren't living together while I was pregnant with Owen. I knew the furniture would have to go eventually for us to get to keep the bed.

Fast forward two years we still had the huge bed and still had the huge furniture, what we did not have was floor space in the bedroom. There was nowhere to put anything and there were so many times I wanted to rearrange the bedroom to see if I could squeeze some more space out of it, but with large furniture along with the bed, there was just no way. There were only a few ways the furniture could be put in there and not cover the closet or the door. For a woman that enjoys rearranging furniture (my mom and grandma are the same way!) that is torture!

So I called up my grandma and told her I needed a smaller bed. A queen if at all possible. Low and behold, she had one in the big garage. We swapped out the beds and this is what we've been sleeping on since. It's an old bed. It's the kind that sort of folds around you when you get in. It's also the kind that eventually pops a friggin' spring and you end sleeping on it. Not comfortable at all. Which is what happened not that long ago. We decided it was time to get a new bed. Neither of us were sleeping very well.

We went to Stegers Furniture first, they were having a BIG MATTRESS SALE, well that's what the sign said out front of the store. Turns out this was not the case lol. Sorry, we aren't pay $800 for a mattress no better than the one we were sleeping on now. And that's not a sale lol. Then we stopped at the Mattress Doctor. We ended up finding one we liked, then somehow the topic got on to memory foam beds. Uh oh. That's right. D was drawn in. And that's what we ended up with.

We picked it up yesterday, it came in a huge roll. We had to unroll it and let it fluff up. It was literally flat lol. They said we should let it "rise" for about 6hrs, but the paper it came with said 24-48hrs. That wasn't going to happen lol. We waited the 6 and put the pad they gave us on it. Then I let it go another two hours before I went to bed.

I've never slept on a memory foam mattress before, I wasn't sure what it was actually going to be like. I was kind of excited to find out though. The guy at the store said it was supposed to be super comfortable and would help prevent the need to toss and turn. It also has a gel cooling something or another in it lol. I don't know what all he said to be honest. I do know that sleeping last night wasn't any different than sleeping on my other bed. Except instead of spring poking me, it was too firm. Ugh. That might be worse to tell you the truth. I woke up several times and tossed all night.

I'm sure D is getting a good sleep right now, he loves a firm mattress. I will probably end up sleeping on the boys beds if we can't find a solution. There is supposed to be a pillow top pad or something for it too. I'm gonna see about getting one of those.

The baby didn't hate it though. He was asleep within minutes of laying down. Usually we have to fight a little first lol.

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