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February 24, 2015

{Sick kid = Moms Washing Sheets}

If you follow me on twitter or Facebook then you might have seen that I said Owen stayed home from school today..well, yesterday now. He was really lazy on Saturday and even ended up falling asleep on the couch, which he never does. At about midnight on Saturday he threw up...on our new bed.
Let me just say that if you have a memory foam mattress + kids, spring for the mattress pad. That extra bit of cash out of your pocket will save your mattress when you have a kid puking all over it.
OK, fast forward to Monday morning. He woke up complaining of a sore and scratchy throat. D looked and said he should probably stay home. So he did. He didn't really act sick though. Aside from not really eating too much, he was playing and running around the house. I figured he had tricked me! Wrong. So so wrong.

At 1:30am he threw up in the middle of my bed. *Gag* I took off the sheets and switched them out. Cleaned up the puke that was also all the way to the bathroom. Then we climbed back in bed. Well at 230 I felt him stirring and told him to use his puke bucket by the bed. Nope. Right on the side of the bed, all the way to the bathroom, and on the seat of the toilet. I turned on the light and found that he had also puked on all my blankets, and all three body pillows.
Have I mentioned how much I hate puke?
So here I am at 4am sitting here waiting for my sheets to dry so I can put them back on the bed. Needless to say he is not going to school today either. I'm not sure if I'm going to call the doctor. If he isn't better by tonight I'll make an appointment for tomorrow though. It might just be some kind of bug. I hate taking the kids to the doctor for meds when whatever they have is going to go away on its own in a few days.
We shall see what happens. Pray for me though, cause I'll go crazy on someone at the drop of a hat tomorrow with no sleep. *Yawn*