February 3, 2015

{Another Dentist Trip #momlife }

We took all 3 kids to the dentist this morning. Was pretty happy with how it all went down.
Owen had to have another filling. The kid has bad teeth or something I don't know what the deal is. I brush his teeth myself. This one though was between the teeth. Blah. He did really well. I walked back with him and they did have to gas him. He wouldn't cooperate if they didn't cause he gets too nervous. But they didn't have to use the restraining blanket. So progress! There was no crying and he didn't fight anyone. He did really good! I was pretty proud of him!

Gaige got sealants and had an xray to see if he would need braces. He does. No new cavities though.
Dawn was there for her first check up and they also did a cleaning, xray, and fluoride treatment. She will need braces too. We already knew that though.
Can I just say that these kids don't seem old enough to have braces? Gaige and Dawn were just 2yrs old yesterday. I hate it.
After the dentist we dropped the kids at home and went to sushi with my brother at Sushi Ko. It wasn't too bad. I got the Scorpion. My brother and D both got the Caterpillar and House. Was not a fan of the House but the Caterpillar was good! Mine wasn't awful. To be honest I'll stick with my Kroger sushi lol.
It was good to see my brother though. We haven't ever just gone to lunch before. I feel like the date had something to do with his phone call. It has been 2 months since my grandpa passed. I miss him. I know my siblings do too. Gaige cried himself to sleep last night. *tear*
I guess today was pretty OK.