December 6, 2009

{Ornaments, Lights, & other fun stuff}

We are all aware of my love for dogs, especially mine, I've been making dog treats for the last year now, I love it. But it's not making me all that much money. Which frustrates me because my dogs love them and I know that if I could just get a good review for them on 1 site, then I could sell a ton of them. I'm sending some of them to my Secret Santa on CP. I hope she likes them.

Upon browsing the internet (glorious as it is) I stumbled upon the recipe for salt dough ornaments. I made a few for my 2 and then made a listing for them on Etsy. I figured I might sell one or 2. I expected no more than that. But, I sold 3! One was even sold to a friend from CP. Yay! So I'm hoping that I'll sell a few more before Christmas and I can have a little more money for a good gift for D. He gave me that camera and he is always getting me such awesome things for my birthday and Christmas. I want to get him something he really wants. Which he informed me comes in the form of the R.A. Salvatore novel. Anyway- with any luck I'll sell some more and have enough for that book plus maybe help out with buying for the other kids in the family. Lets keep our fingers crossed shall we? :)

My Ark. aunt surprised us all the weekend after Thanksgiving by coming up for a visit! So awesome! She brought with her my uncle Ray, cousins Ericka (with her daughter Rylee) and Kelsie (with her hubby Luke and their son Clayton). She also brought her new wire haired dachshund :). You know I loved that. We all went to the Festival of Lights Parade. It was the same as last year, but the kids from Ark. didn't know that and the little ones didn't either.

Random: D got me an awesome pair of boot slippers from wal-mart today. Loves it.

Alrighty- I guess I should get off here now and finish watching The Girls Next Door finale and the premeire of Holly World.