December 10, 2009

{The boringness}

I have been trying fix my layout for the last 2 days to no avail. I can't get the main element to shift down and it's too close to my left side bar. Annoying.

G is sick with strep again, his pedi informed me that he needs to see an ENT doctor because he has it so often. I'm a little bit nervous about it. He's staying with my grandparents the rest of this week so that he's not spreading it to the kids here. Poor kid. I hope they can figure out something to do so it doesn't keep coming back. I hate to see him so miserable :(.

We also went to the kids Christmas program on Monday. Unfortunately G wasn't able to participate because they sent him home sick (for a 100.2 temp), but the drama queen did go and did great! They don't do traditional songs anymore though, which kind of annoys me. I understand that they can't do ones about Jesus/God but whatever happened to Santa Clause is Coming to Town or I Saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause? Those were the ones I sang in grade school. I just don't see the harm I guess. If they're worried about offending someone who doesn't do Santa then why not do a couple Hanukkah songs or Kwanzaa. Maybe it's just my open mindedness. I wish they would have though. I also wish someone had taken pictures of me when I did my programs so I could show you all how awesome it was lol.

But here is the drama queen's song (they did 3 but they take forever to upload lol). I have no clue why there is no sound, cause my camera takes it :-/.

Alrighty- I better go. See? Nothing exciting to report.