December 3, 2009

{But it fits in there!}

Oh my dear sweet Bug. How I wish you would hurry up and pass this horrible terrible 2 faze. I have had it up to here with finding that you got into things while I was in the shower or doing the dishes or hell even when I lock you out of the bathroom long enough to pee alone. Apparently your sticky fingers are my punishment for needing 5 seconds to my self. Clearly I am a horrible mother for this. I understand. But really, it's time to stop now. Grow up! Look at me! Stay out of the stocking stuffers! Those are not for you! I'm sure the drama queen and G will be so happy to see that the little stamp kit I bought has been opened and is now missing paper and stamps. Super fun! Or how about the recorder that I bought for drama queen that you insist on playing with even though I've put it up a million times and warned you not to touch it! Clearly you have your fathers hearing and the only thing you heard me say was touch it. I am not amused Bug, not at all. But today was the last straw! I'm shipping you off to military school (they have that for toddlers right?). I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
The VCR in the toy room. Please excuse the sharpie.

My beloved Palm Centro hidden in the VCR.

Confessing all to his imaginary friend on the phone. It's a good thing he's so cute.

No seriously, KNOCK IT OFF. :) kiloveyoubye.