December 29, 2009

{We said good-bye today..}

Mr. Bigglesworth (to some known as Thor) entered our family just about a year ago. I didn't want a cat. D is allergic, we already had 2 dogs, and a snake. That was 1 animal too many for me (that 1 being the snake lol). Besides that, I was not (and never will be) over the loss of my beloved Suzuki 8yrs ago. I had no intentions of having another feline. Ever. But when D's friend called us with his dilemma the animal lover in me far out weighed the pain I still held for Suzi. "His ex-wife left him in the cold when she moved out." D had said. "Why can't J keep him? He already has a house full of cats." I said. "He's not getting along with his other males. He needs a good home." I sighed D knew he'd won by the look on my face. We went to wal-mart and picked up a litter box and food bowl and food. I informed him that if this didn't work out, he was shit out of luck. We were not re-homing another animal because he wasn't getting along with the dogs or what not. He was ours. Forever.

I tried hard not to get too attached to him. Which he made difficult since he insisted on curling up with me every single night. He was cared for, loved, and wanted. The kids loved him, chased him and "tormented" him to the best of their ability. I often found him snuggled up with the Drama Queen all purring and content.

All seemed fine until a couple months ago. Something changed in him. He became distant, our once loving cat wanted nothing to do with us. He hid in our back bathroom until everyone was asleep and then roamed the house at night. He began pooping on the floor, unlike a cat, his hair started falling out. I'd never seen anything like it. His overall health was failing, we didn't know what was wrong and couldn't afford the vet visit knowing that he would end up telling us it was something serious, we could already tell.

We chose to put him down. Something I have never done to an animal. Something I never want to go through again.

Oh my Mr. Big. You shall be missed. :(