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December 27, 2009

{Oh yes, the Christmas post}

Yes, I do realize I'm a few days late, you'll have to deal with it. I've been some kind of funk lately and no matter what I do nothing is pulling me out of it. Perhaps it was the mini drama we had on Christmas morning (nothing I'm going to post about here, if I want you to know I'll tell you lol). It could also be that I'm just bummed it's all over and we have to move on with pretty much nothing to look forward to. *sigh* So sad. Anyway- lets get on with it shall we?

I hosted Christmas Eve dinner with my mother, her fiance (his 2 younger kids were supposed to come and didn't), my sister, BIL, and monkey. My brother and his girlfriend showed up late (because apparently no one pays attention to my facebook messages right?)..losers. It was a good time. The food was super yummy if I do say so myself (and since I made it, I can lol).

Christmas morning was eventful. I won't even bother typing any more because I know you just want the pictures. You'll love them :).
The drama queen and bug having a sword fight!

G ripping into his stocking!

Shoop! Mama Shoop!!

Police Helicopter!!

Mommy and Bug at the farm! I think he's finally starting to look like me lol.

That gun was a huge hit!

Bug got a 4wheeler from grandma.

Make-up is the new obsession.

There you go kids. Pics. You know you love 'em. And I'm probably going to take down my tree tomorrow. Sad huh?

Oh! And G's birthday is Wednesday! When did my little baby get to be a whole 7yrs old?? *sigh*