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September 14, 2009

{My poor guy}

I'm just gonna say it, I hate having a sick kid. Bug has been sick for seems like forever. He started getting the dreaded allergies at the end of August beginning of September. They are simply horrendous. He snots constantly and there is just nothing I can do to get rid of them. That's not all though kiddies, oh no. The poor kid can't just have allergies, he's got to have a massive case of a cold to go along with them. *sigh* Last night was the worst. It scared me half to death and I felt so helpless. When you're the mommy you're supposed to just make it all better. But you can't make it all better when it's something like this.

So last night while I was searching YouTube for Kenye Wests ridiculous move at the VMA's (which I will address momentarily); Bug started to whine. I turned my attention to him thinking he was about to wake up. Not the case. He was shaking like a friggin' leaf. I pulled my big down comforter up around him and made sure he was all snuggled in there, then pulled his (one of 3) care bear blankies up on top of him too. Nothing helped. I gave him some more meds, but I had to endure the horrible shaking and wimpering until it took effect. The poor kid has thrown up 3 times in the last 3 days (once tonight) and had a temp of 104.3. I know! We called the ER at OSF but they put us on hold and then turned around and couldn't tell us if we should come in or not! D finally got on google and looked it up (where would we be without google??). Apparently 102 for 2 and over is not dangerous, but over that you should take them in. By that time though the Tylenol i'd given him was taking effect and I had him in the tub rubbing him down with cool water. So his temp went back down to 103 and kept lowering. It was completely gone shortly after that. And just in case you are wondering, no, the nurse who was supposed to call us back and let us know if we should bring him in tonight, never called back. Nice right? He is acting fine as of now and climbing around, watching the Good Night show on Sprout, all that jazz. I'm going to call his doctor tomorrow and let her check him out and see what's up. Hopefully it's just a bad cold mixed with allergies. *fingers crossed*

And now on douche bag Kanye West. Did any of you see that he interrupted Taylor Swift on stage at the VMA's and basically told her Beyonce should have won. What a jackass. Seriously. What the hell gives him the right to treat someone like that? Really. I can honestly say that he is complete waste of space and should be wiped off the face of earth. This is the 3rd awards show he has made a stink at and of course, who could forget his famous Bush comment, "George Bush hates black people." *ugh* There are not enough insults in the world to cover what I think of this moron.

DM has her first Brownie sleep over this weekend. Super exciting!

While we're talking about DM. I put a carousel in her room that used to be mine when I was little. She has been instructed several times not to touch it as it's just a decoration, not a toy. She is 7yrs old. You would think she could handle that by now right? Clearly not. I went into her room this afternoon and saw it sitting on her dresser in peices. I cried. I attempted to put it back together and couldn't. Luckily D could, had he not been able to...I think I might have lost it. *sigh* So needless to say, she is very grounded right now.