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September 27, 2009

{Movies I love}

We are serious movie watchers around here. When D and I first started dating we spent almost every weekend at the movies. Sometimes we would see an early movie, go on a motorcycle ride, and then go back to the theater for a late movie. Ahh the times before we had a house full of heathens angels. The movie viewing in this house has changed quite a lot also. I find myself reaching for the kid friendly movie at Blockbuster instead of the horror movie. But on to my post, Bug and I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua last night.

Who doesn't love this movie? I mean, it has adorable dogs, cute little doggie clothes, and Jamie Lee Curtis! Woohoo! Bug loved it, sat through pretty much the whole thing, and he's only 2yrs old (not even). My favorite part of the movie though? The part at the temple where the chihuahuas tell Chloe (white chi) how awesome it is being a chihuahua. I am in love with chihuahuas...could be because I have 2 lol. Either way, if you haven't seen this movie, you should rent it in a hurry!

All I can say about this movie is see it! We rented it last night and I tell you what, I almost peed several times!

While I'm on the subject of movies and Blockbuster, have you heard about the deal they have now where you pay $22/mo. for unlimited movie/game rental. You rent a movie and when you're done watching it you just take it back up there and trade it for another movie or a game! It works for new releases as well as old. And after so many rentals you get a coupon for a free old release. We use those for older kid movies. It's great! Especially if you're a movie goer like we are. So you might want to check that out!

I can't wait to return this one and get another. Hmm..maybe I should go do that now!