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September 19, 2009

{It's pumpkin time!}

The awesome Morton Pumpkin Festival parade was today. For the first time in about 4yrs I got up and actually went. The parade started at 10:30am so I had to pick up my mom at 9am and then we (us 2, the drama queen, and Bug) went to Morton. We sat there for about 30min. before it started, which wasn't too bad except it was super hot! Who knew September could be that warm? The parade was actually longer than I'd expected it to be also. The last time I went, we sat there for an hour waiting for it to come by and then it lasted for 20min. I'm gonna bet it lasted about an hour this year. Woohoo!

Bug handled it very well also. I thought maybe he might freak a little bit (as most babies do) during loud noises and the characters. But he loved it! He even danced when the marching bands came by. It was a pleasant surprise. :)

We did have 1 problem though. These 2 old bitties elderly ladies were sitting next to us. The mother kept telling the daughter (who was obviously not all there..if you know what I mean) to run out and get the candy. Which was annoying enough because there were 4 kids with just us, plus a few next to us, but then this float was passing out ice pops. Yay! A hot day + ice pops= happy kids. But did my kids get one? No. Why? Because the wrinkled old hags elderly ladies took them from the drama queen and G. I was livid!! And instead of not saying anything, I piped up and let the 2 dusty cows know I was pissed off. Of course I didn't go right up to them; oh no, I wouldn't have wanted the 100yr old mother to have a heart attack while I was yelling at her. I simply said loud enough for even them to hear me that it was BS that they just took popsicles from kids and that they needed to think about it before doing it again. I was still pissy about it when we walked back to the car.

Anyway- I didn't get to look at the craft stuff because my mom didn't really want to, she had to get back to her boyfriend. Which ended up being crap and I wasted a ton of gas driving around looking for a friggin' park that he kept saying was in EP but then couldn't get us to. *ugh*

OK- on with what you're really here for! The pictures! Enjoy them! My kids (and nephew) are adorable..at least in my opinion (and mine is the only one that matters ;))

His very first parade, waiting for it to start.

Wow! He was so excited once it started!

He finally got up the nerve to run out and get some candy. That's exciting!

G and my mom

Drama Queen and G (she looks a little high lol)

Me and G (excuse the lack of make-up. Bug decided to draw a lovely picture with my eye liner and mascara)

Him and his hats lol.

Alrighty my dear followers, I'm out. Peace.