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September 16, 2009

{Adventures in motherhood}

I was planning on just doing a wordless Wednesday today (which I'll make another post for) but with everything that happened yesterday, I thought I should go ahead and blog it.
It all started Monday night when Bugs temp shot up to 104. Dave called the ER to see if they thought we should bring him in (which I'll bitch about in a minute), while he was doing that I stuck him in a cool bath and gave him Tylenol. His temp went back down and he was OK again. So we decided not to mess with the ER and just take him to the doctor the next morning. He didn't hardly sleep at all that night. Was so sick and whiney. I got an appt. at 11am for another doctor in the practice and when my grandmother finally got to the house, we left.

When the doctor saw him and they took his temp it was back up to 103. They gave him Motrin and informed me that there was a crackle in his chest. Great. She ordered x-rays, RSV and flu tests, and electrolytes test. So I was at the hospital with him forever while they stuck stuff up his nose, drew blood, and took x-rays. I felt so bad for my little man.

In the end though he had pneumonia starting in his right lung and a bacterial infection. But the RSV and flu tests were negative (thank goddess).

Oh but that's not all that happened, oh no, my day couldn't just be shitty enough with Bug getting sick. I got a call from the school the same day (before we left for the doctor) and they said G needed to come home. OK...thanks for a reason. I go up there and they inform me they did lice checks that day...yup..you guessed it. I immediately started itching from head to toe. *ugh* Apparently a bunch of kids had it this year. Wonderful. I knew how he'd gotten it, he wears those flippin' hats outside and lets the other kids wear them too. *shudders* So we had to get shampoo from the doctor to treat his head. DM didn't have any in her head so that was a plus.

When I go to K-mart to pick up Bug and G's prescriptions they wait until I've already been there 15min. before they tell me they don't have the shampoo I need. OK, so they send me to wal-mart. I get Bugs meds and get over to wal-mart and they tell me that K-mart called asked if they had it but didn't give them the scrip. What the...! They tell me it'll be about 20min. No problem. I go back 20min. later and stand down at the pick up window. The pharmacists (I guess that's what he was) proceeds to YELL at me from across the pharmacy (which is huge at this wal-mart cause they just remodelded it) that the state does not cover this medication. First of all, I'm not ashamed of being on the medical card. Millions of people are. No one can afford health care at this point. So here I am standing there with other people and he says it's gonna be $137 for the bottle. I said, "Well i don't want it then cause I'm not paying that." Then he yells (again) from the other side of the pharmacy that the medication (says name) is not covered. Well, I don't care. Surprise surprise though he gets it to go through and gives me the shampoo.

When I got home D called wal-mart and talked to the douche bag. He tried to make excuses but he knew he was in the wrong. I am still going to e-mail wal-mart and make a complaint. There is no reason for him to do that and he knows it.

So that was the hell that I went through yesterday. How was your Tuesday?