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September 28, 2009

{I have no life...no seriously}

You know you're lacking a life when you get excited about the new Dollar General opening in town. No joke. It has been in the making for a few months now, right up the street from our house. I'm literally excited about it. I went there for the first time tonight and bought some things I was needing junk. But dog gone it I just had to buy something. But now I realized that I have absolutely no life. I think I need a job outside the house or something. So sad. Maybe I should apply at Dollar General lol.

I went to take the drama queen to Brownies tonight and no one was at the school. OK. I thought I had the wrong time so I took her back half an hour later. The people inside told her that her Brownie troop had gone to the Police Station for a tour. Um, good of them to inform someone. D and I pretty much already decided that next year we want to get more involved so it's a lot more organized. *ugh* It was just annoying to go to drop her off and find out no one was there. Luckily I didn't just leave like I usually do. That would have been super craptastic.

On a lighter note I traded in Observe and Report tonight for the new Mathew Mcconaughey and Jennifer Garner flick; Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I can't wait to watch and review for you tomorrow! It should be really good. I love Jennifer Garner.

So I'll blog at you later :).