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September 8, 2009

{The Colony}

Tonight as I sat through Discovery Channels the Colony I had so many questions. Like for starters, why build a friggin' balloon with a camera attached to it when you could be working on getting the truck finished? But the most important question; how could they send those kids away with nothing but water? I couldn't have done it. And the guy, Mike, he is so ridiculously heartless about it. The skinny black girl (I can't remember her name I'm sorry) she started crying the minute she saw them. I could not, no matter how little I had, told those children I wouldn't feed them. I'm sorry. Yes; they are low on food. Yes; it's a matter of them eating versus a child eating. There should be no vote to this. The children should have been given some of their food. I think it's just horrible. And back to Mike, he's a jackass. Seriously. He doesn't want to give anyone anything, yet he's also dependant on other people generousity to survive. Kind of a double standard right? I find it hard to imagine that someone could be as cold as that. I really cried at that point. I was wondering if they would put a child in the experiment to see if it would soften any of them. Clearly it doesn't soften those who have no heart. I loved the last part where Amy was taking down the SOS sign to stop stragglers from stopping by there again. She said, "They're not willing to give any help but we need help ourselves." Sort of sums it all up right there doesn't it.

So what do you think? As a mother or not, could you refuse a child your food if you saw it was hungry? If you were down to your last can of beans would you feed the child before you fed yourself? Even though the child was no relation to you, a complete stranger, would you still give it your food or would you turn it away hungry?
And now on to less depressing matters, I have a toothache. Super fun. I get to go to the clinic because our ins. doesn't pay for adults to go to a regular dentist. I also have to come up with $40 to see the dentist and make my appointment in the morning. Which means, I have to wait another week or 2 before I can make said appointment because D has the van at work until 2pm. *ugh* I'll be glad when he gets that car next week..or the week after.

OK, I think I'm done for tonight. :) Goodnight blogger land :).