September 6, 2009

{Open Letters}

Dear Pastor from the blue bus church-

Please do not assume that because I politely opened my screen door to you (and your associate) standing on my front porch on a Saturday morning, that I wanted to hear your shpeal about your lovely blue bus. I understand that some parents like to pawn their children off on you, I don't. Oddly enough I like to spend time with my kids on the weekends shocking I know. And informing you that we do not attend church does not autmatically mean I need you to save me from damnation. I don't go to church as a personal choice and I don't think that 5min. of you preaching talking to me is going to change my mind after I've already made it up. More important people than you have attempted this to no avail. Also, while I've got your undivided attention I would like to point out that I do not appreciate you informing me that I will most likely go to hell if I don't "accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior". Your visit today (although entertaining to my boyfriend) was no welcome and expect a NO SOLICITING sign on my front door the next time you decide to bother spread the gospel to me.

Annoyed Non-Christian

While I'm here I might as well say that, O has a friggin' diaper rash from pooping water lately. I don't know why he is doing this whole water poo thing, but it's got to stop. I feel horrible for him. I gave him a bath in baking soda and put some cream on his butt, I'm hoping it clears up soon. Perhaps it's all the grapes he has been eating lately =/.

G spent the weekend with my grandparents this week. Since they don't have school tomorrow (Labor Day) I thought it would be a good idea. He has been so upset since my grandpa went into the hospital and had his heart surgery. I hope this helps him focus better.

I am about 80% over this disgusting/annoying head cold I have had for the last 4 days. Lovely! O got it though, Son-of-a!! Luckily he is old enough to take the Ibprofen that clears up all of the older 2's colds. Lets hope it's not just allergies...those things NEVER go away!