March 24, 2017

{Welcome Home Husband!}

I don't think I ever realize how much I depend on mine and D's daily routine until he's not around to share it with me. It's a little insane that I'm so lost without him for even just a week. This isn't the first time we have been apart a week. A year or so ago he went on a motorcycle trip to Canada with his dad for a week and he has gone on other trips without me. I'm fine with it. I don't mind that he gets out on his own every now and then. Not with how hard he works day to day. But that doesn't stop be from missing him something awful when he's away. Especially this time around. I honestly don't know how people go weeks on end without seeing their significant other.

About a month or so ago D came home from one of his UAW meetings and informed me that they asked him to go to their annual conference in Michigan. At least I guess that's what it is lol. He didn't really give me specifics. I think it has something to do with safety. He was pretty excited about going. They only chose two reps from each state to go and him and this other guy were chosen. He said he would have classes all day and then he got to hang out and do as he pleased at night. He didn't, however, know that there would be no real TV (there's a TV in the room but no cable) and no WiFi the whole week he was there. Upside, he won some kind of pool tournament...which shouldn't surprise anyone because he was on a league for years lol. He said he was meeting all kinds of different people while he was there matter how boring it might have been at night.

Not only has it been weird to not have him around, and to not have our routine, but it's scary at night. We don't live in a bad neighborhood really, but we don't live in an upscale one either. Our neighbors are shady as hell sometimes and you never really know what they're going to do or who they're going to have at their homes. Twice since we moved in there has been someone knocking/banging on our door well past midnight. When he's not here at night (which he works thirds so he's not usually) he's only a ten minute drive from home. I know that if I call him he can be home in a matter of minutes. Probably reaching us before the cops would. I don't feel quite so vulnerable when I know he's just a call away. But when he's states away, that's an issue.

Of course, this time around I've got the gun he bought me for our anniversary ;). But still, I just feel more at peace, when I know he can come to my rescue. That's probably not good is it? That I only feel comfortable when he's around? Maybe I depend on him too much. Oh well.