March 20, 2017

{A Week Without My Little?}

In June D and I will be making our way to Vegas for the Backstreet Boys show. Since we're driving, we'll be gone about a week. D brought something the other day that I hadn't thought of though. For the first time in nine years, I will be away from Owen for more than just a couple days.

He was about three before he even spent the night with my grandparents. He was nursing before that and he just preferred to be home with mommy. Which was fine, I preferred him to be home with me too lol. Then he started wanting to go to their house because that's where my nephew was most weekends and that's where Gaige went every weekend (without fail). I didn't mind. I liked having a weekend kid free every now and then. But he would always call the next day and want to come home.

Even at nine years old, he wanted to spend the night at my grandma's house because my nephew was there. But he called me this morning at 8:30 to see when I was coming to him up. He didn't want to be there anymore. So I was there by lunch time to get him. When she came back to town to go to the movies and out to dinner, my nephew tried to get him to go back to her house but he refused. He wanted to stay home with me. So that's what we're doing. He's in the bedroom watching YouTube and I'm in the living room watching a Lifetime movie and blogging.

I have to say, the week of the concert is two months away and I'm already a little nervous about it. I'm not afraid he won't have fun or anything, I'm just afraid that he will miss me and cry because he wants to go home. I hate it when he's upset. I sort of regret keeping him so close for so long. I love that we have such an amazing bond, and that he is a serious mama's boy. But I hate that I can't leave him for more than a couple days without him calling me to come get him because he misses being at home with me.

That being said, I'm going to see if D will let him take his PS4 to her house for that week so he has something to do other than play on his phone and tablet. It'll be June so he will most likely be outside quite a bit too.

Sigh. I wish I could just take him with me.