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March 9, 2016

{So Spoiled!}

I have been a baker since I was old enough to understand what a cookie was. My grandma made cookies, cakes, pies, all the goodies for us all the time growing up. So naturally when I had kids, I did the same. I bake all the time for them. Usually with Owen in the kitchen helping too.

Although I've have good luck with my mixer (a Hamilton Beach stand/hand mixer bought for me for Christmas about five years ago I think) I have always had my eye on a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I've loved them since I watched my very first baking show. I always figured they were just too pricey for me though. Thinking I'd never have one unless I lucked into one on a garage sale site I went about making my cookies and cakes and muffins in my good enough mixer.

And then one day while we were at Costco (because we are there far more than we should be lol) we passed a Kitchenaid mixer and I stopped to drool. I'd been admiring the ones at Target for a while but as usual never thought I'd ever have enough money to purchase one. At $300 for one, I just couldn't justify it when the kids are still at home and we should be spending our money on them. Plus, this year we're taking that big trip in December. I didn't want to push for a new mixer when I knew we would need a ton of money to take that trip.

D, though, had other plans. As we passed the mixers and he watched me admire them he said which one do you want? I told him I'd like the red one, even though I'd said previously I liked the mint green one at Target. He picked it up and put it in the basket. I was beyond excited! Beyond shocked also! I thanked him a million times in 10 minutes lol. I was so excited! Finally I'd be able to get my baking done and make twice and maybe three times as many cookies! Which would come in handy because they get eaten as fast as I can put them down on the counter to cool.

When we got home we realized he'd picked up the silver one, I said I'd live lol. So now I am the proud owner of the Kitchenaid 600 Pro Mixer. It came with a 6qt glass bowl, a whisk, bread hook, and a regular beater. It's huge and amazing and I love it!

So far all I've made is some delicious banana bread but I'm hoping to get some real use out of it soon. Especially when it comes time for D and Dawn's birthday in May! :)

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