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March 28, 2016

{Easter Sunday!}

I know I didn't post today yet, I was off at the dentist with Gaige. The kid had two cavities and then still refuses to brush his teeth correctly. I don't know what to do with him anymore. Uuugh.

But Easter went pretty well for us. I put the baskets out a little earlier than I usually do, and before Owen was asleep. Which was my first mistake. I went in the bedroom for about two seconds and D calls me back out saying that Owen had come down and seen them. I was slightly annoyed. But I went ahead and let them have them early. Of course Dawn wouldn't come down stairs though so the boys opened theirs without her.

Usually their Easter baskets are over flowing with stuff, but this year we didn't do that. I would have loved to, but D kept telling me that the fishing poles we got them were enough and that they didn't need a bunch of stuff for Easter. Which they don't, but I still refused to just give them fishing poles. Especially when I knew none of them would be super excited about them.

Sure enough when Owen got into his basket, he didn't even notice the fishing pole. Gaige did of course (and he has already used it a few times in last couple days) though.

D was pretty upset that Owen wasn't into his pole though. I tried to tell him it wasn't going to be something he was into but of course no one listens to the person who would actually know right?

On Easter morning (since the heathens got their baskets the night before. Grr!) I made biscuits and gravy and we hung out watching TV until it was time to go to my grandparents house.

Since it was raining, my brother and sister in law hid the eggs in the house. They were looking for all kinds of interesting places to hide them lol. They managed to get three on my sister and no one even saw them until my four year old niece came in the room.

We stayed there until about 6pm and then came home. I was beat. I went right to the bedroom to take off my jeans and put on something more comfortable. And that's also when Owen pointed out that the PS4 box was in there. Turns out D decided to get rid of all of our xbox 360 stuff (games, controllers, charging dock, console, and kinect) and buy another PS4. We had been talking about getting one since Christmas but I figured we'd end up waiting a while. Apparently he didn't want to wait. Owen was pretty excited about it.

So there we have it, my Easter Sunday was pretty good and relaxing.

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