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March 2, 2016

{Dinner is Served!}

When D and I went grocery shopping this past Friday he picked up some premade pizza crusts from Aldi. The boys have both been little pizza-holics lately so we figured they would like making their own!

We tried it for the first time tonight (after much hounding from Owen after we told him we had them). I have to say it was kind of a success!

They turned out pretty good! You just brushed a little olive oil on the crust, spread the pizza sauce (that came with the crusts), and put on the toppings. Bake for 7min at 450 and there you have it..homemade pizza!

I think this might be something we pick up regularly. Owen sure loved the idea of making his own!

Excuse the use of a pillow as a table. Owen also did not want to sit at the table tonight. Such a spoiled brat lol.