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March 24, 2016

{What's in Thier Baskets?}

If you're anything like me, you need help every single year filling Easter baskets and stockings. I often turn to Pinterest and mommy friends to help me out with ideas. This year though, I think I've got them all pretty well figured out and I didn't even need help!

Dawn is getting; a selfie stick, candy, hair ties, hair brush, adult coloring book, and a fishing pole. D chose the fishing pole. I'm not sure why he wanted to put that in there since he works nights and ends up fishing long before the kids are even up. But whatever right?

Gaige is getting; beef jerky, pringles, candy, fishing pole, and a new motorcycle helmet. I know he's not getting very much. But the bike helmet cost $85 and to be honest he probably won't care too much about anything else anyway. I might throw something else in there, but it'll be pretty small. It's not like he believes in the Easter bunny or anything anymore anyway. Before we bought the helmet I had originally bought him a Bass Pro gift card but we took it back to Target (yeah you can do that! Who knew?!). He knew about the gift card and was happy with just that so I can't imagine he'll have too many problems with a helmet and a new fishing pole.

Owen is getting; stitch disney infinity character, yandu infinity character, fishing pole, chocolate avengers egg, candy, squirt guns, and bubble bath. I got the infinity characters on sale at Target. He's getting a little more than the other two but he still believes in the Easter bunny. So he should get more right? That's my logic anyway lol.

We're going to my grandparents house on Easter Sunday for an egg hunt and food. So I don't know that we'll put any actual eggs in their baskets. I might go ahead and do a little something. Who knows? I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow so I might pick up a little more candy too. I usually pack their baskets but this year I just couldn't think of anything to get them. They have all the stuff they want and no one could tell me what they wanted either. So that tells me they have more than enough crap.

What's in your kids baskets?

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