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March 17, 2016

{Parenting Ain't Easy}

I am always juggling appointments and meetings. Since D works nights he's not usually available to help me so I have to just figure it out on my own. I'm not complaining,  I'm just saying that's how it goes sometimes.
Yesterday I had Gaiges IEP meeting. My own stupid mom brain kicked in when I scheduled it at 3pm. Owen doesn't even even get out of school until after 3. So I had to pick him up early. I would have picked Dawn up early also but with her grades I didn't want to pull her away from a class she needed to be in. So I figured I could just leave her and pick her up late. No big deal she's 13.

I went to the meeting (which went great by the way) and she called me from the school office at about 3:15 (since she doesn't have her phone because of those awful grades). I couldn't answer the phone so I just let it roll to voice-mail and figured it would be fine. I was wrong.
I left the meeting and headed right to the school. I expected to see her sitting on the picnic tables but she wasn't there. I figured maybe she was in the office, I couldn't get in because no one answered the bell. So I left.
I had no idea where she was. I just hoped that she was walking home and didn't get a ride from someone (which I wouldn't have put past her to be honest). I ended up seeing her just as we got to our street. So that means when she couldn't get me on the phone she left the school instead of waiting for me. She had been told (the only other time I was ever late picking her up) that if I wasn't there when she got there that she should wait at the school.
I chewed her ass out in the driveway. I was pissed.
And today D brought up ass good point, if she would have had her phone then there would have never been an issue she could have just text me and I could have shot her a text back real fast. Wouldn't have even had to stop the meeting.
So I decided to give her her phone back. Mainly for my own peace of mind. But she can't use it for anything but calling US and texting US. I turned off her 4g and the WiFi. I also deleted the WiFi passwords from my grandparents house. Not that she will be taking her phone out there this weekend anyway.
So there we go. Hopefully problem solved. We shall see.