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March 14, 2016

{Low Key Sundays}

I live for low key Sundays. Where I can just do as I please and not really have to do much of anything at all.

This past Sunday was one of those.

My brother called on Friday and asked if I could watch my niece Saturday, of course I said yes! I never get her. They're the rare parents these days that actually want their kid with them all the time (I'm not even that parent lol). My grandma ended up bringing her over about 20 minutes after my brother brought her to her house. She didn't want to be there without the rest of the kids, and they were home with me. So I had her all day and night.

She said "Kristin look I'm a raccoon!!"

Sunday morning we all kind of got up when we felt the need. Since the clocks went forward an hour we were all super tired. I was feeling none too energetic. But I got a shower and got my niece dressed and we headed back out to my grandparents house to drop her at home (she doesn't live there, but they live in the same town).

Dawn and I ended up hanging out with my grandma for most of the day. I don't do that too often. To be completely honest I don't go out to their house much anymore. It doesn't feel the same there and I'd prefer to just pretend nothing has changed rather than see the changes being made and end up sobbing on every drive home.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and then did a little shopping.

I ended up finding a cute shirt for Gaige for his Easter basket. It's grey with a Nintendo controller on it! I think he will appreciate it. He's such a gamer. He even found my brothers old Nintendo and hooked it up. He doesn't even know how much use we got out of that thing. Back before graphics mattered and you just wanted to save the damn princess (which I have never done by the way!).

I also picked up a Stitch Disney Infinity character for Owens basket. He's been saying he wanted one and when I saw it on clearance at Target for $7 I couldn't pass it up. I might actually go back and get a couple more (Aladdin and Yondu were both there as well). I don't know though.

We ended up back at my grandparents house and hung out for a while, then chatted with my uncle and his fiance when they came by.

To be honest it was a really relaxing day. No drama. No fighting. No cleaning. Just hanging out.

What was your weekend like? Did you have crazy plans or were you able to sit in your PJ's all day? :)

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