July 28, 2015

{Mom to the Rescue!}

Well that was a pain in the ass to say the least.

When I got my new laptop I decided to let the kids have my old one. I figured it'd be a good source of storage for all my pictures (other than the new computer and the portable hard drive) and music. But then the bad thing happened.

Someone went to coolmath (do not look that site up!) and got a shit ton of viruses from it. I don't know how. I don't know when. I do know that the laptop was basically unable to be used after it though because I didn't know what the viruses were doing. I certainly didn't want personal information out there.

So it has been sitting in my bedroom since (a few months now) and I finally, last night at about 9pm, decided to go ahead and attempt to fix it.

First I did a system recovery (I think) and had it roll back to March. That didn't work. It wasn't able to get rid of the viruses and they were still there and the laptop was still slow as molasses.

So I bit the bullet and went ahead and did a factory reset on it and took it back to the day I bought it. *Sigh* All I have to say is thank the lord for my portable hard drive because I would have lost everything without it.

I set everyone up a separate account (with D and I having admin obviously) and now the kids can each get on their own settings and have their own stuff. I can see everything obviously. I didn't allow for passwords and I logged into everything and hit remember me so that they never have to log in or out ;). I'm smart like that.

But now I don't have to worry about them virusing up my new laptop. Which I love to death.

Of course this will probably be something else they can constantly fight over. Isn't that just what I need? More bitching.

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