July 10, 2015

{School Supplies Already?!}

I was at Walmart today (a rarity these days since I prefer Target) and noticed they are putting out school supplies already. Can this be happening already? It's just now July. The kids didn't get out of school until the first week of June and they'll go back around the middle-end of August. It feels like summer goes by so fast these days. Maybe it always did and I'm just really noticing it now that Owen is in school.

I'm not complaining really. I enjoy the days alone to focus on something other than cleaning up after kids. My house is nice and quiet from 7:30-3:00 and I don't have to listen to anyone whine about not getting their way. I also don't have to share the TV because Owen is at school and not asking to play games in the living room every 10 minutes. You don't know how frustrating it is to be in the middle of your favorite show and have a kid constantly asking if they can turn it off. Or come up to you and say "You're on your phone, so can I play a game down here?" when you look to answer a text or check something on facebook during a commercial break. Sometimes I wish D wasn't such a gamer!

Anyway, as usual when I'm at Walmart I searched for a bargain in the clearance section and scored! I got Dawn four Monster High folders for .10c each. I was so excited lol.

I got online and found her supply list for 8th grade (Ugh! How can this be her grade this year?!). I think I'm going to start buying up her supplies now since she doesn't need specific colors like the boys do. Then it won't be quite such a mad dash in August when the official lists come out with registration packets.

Good planning right?!

Have you started planning for back to school yet? Do you let your kids pick out special folders or do they have to have specific colors? Do you like back to school shopping as much as I do? lol

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